Progress in chemical is our motto, and with it we want to express how we view the chemical field as an important factor for modernization. The chemical field is a value added enterprise, and chemistry a fundamental science for progress and development..

It is with this frame of mind that we go to work everyday, to manufacture, produce, and distribute chemical products, and solvents in particular, offering our customers much more than expected: customer service, assistance, and highly competitive terms to the best advantage of clients and customers.

Our clients have a staff of professionals always available to help them with everyday problems being them technical, normative, or managerial.

Innovative facilities and state-of-the-art research labs guarantee high quality standards, fast service, and respect for the environment.

Research and development at Multichimica are focused on our products safety and their compatibility with the environment.

With the objective of managing the entire life cycle of our products in mind, we offer a recycling service for the exhausted solvents; this is how we guarantee a safe environment and transform solvent waste into something of value.

Continuous investments and an orientation toward innovation are the ingredients that allow us to aim at becoming a referral company for those that, like us, believe in development compatible with the environment.

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