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In accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003) (Data protection code), Multichimica spa with registered place of business in via G. Galilei 39 / 35035 Mestrino (PD), shall process your personal data exclusively for the purpose and to the extent of fulfilling contractual obligations and or laws and acts concerning transactions between us. For registered users the data provided at the moment of subscription or when the account was created can be accessed and modified at any time by logging in using the username and password and accessing the area "access your personal profile". In accordance with the abovementioned Act, we are obliged to inform you on:

Purpose of processing personal data: The data you provide shall be processed by us for the purpose and to the extent of obligations related to contracts, transactions and or laws and Acts (e.g. administrative, fiscal, tax, accounting etc.) and for sending information to your address or email for advertising, marketing and informative purposes.

Processing method: Concerning data treatment and processing we would like to inform you that your personal data is filed in a database both as a hardcopy and in digital format. Adequate security measures have been taken for protecting your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act and we use purpose programmes for treating and storing such data.

Mandatary and optional consent of data. We would like to inform you that consent to processing your personal data is necessary (and therefore, consent shall not be requested in accordance with article 23 and successive amendments of the Act) depending on how such data is to be used: for fulfilling contractual obligations and or laws and acts or if such information is sourced from public registers, lists, acts or documents of a public nature, in the event such treatment is necessary for legal action. Except for the abovementioned cases, consent is mandatary.

In the event consent is not given. In the event you refuse to consent to the processing and treatment of your personal data (e.g. name, surname, registered company name, registered place of business, branch offices, registered capital, telephone and fax numbers, legal representative, taxpayer's code number, VAT registration number, company activity, bank details etc.) it shall not be possible to engage in transactions and or contracts with us.

Third Parties who may receive your personal data. Your personal data may be sent to the following Third Parties:

third parties who, in accordance with the Act and or regulations, may access your data;

banks for receiving and or issuing payments, credit companies, insurance companies and auditors;

debt collectors and or factoring companies;

IT services and data processing companies;

companies commissioned with sending correspondence;

associated, parent and subsidiary companies.

Third companies who may learn of your personal data.

Your personal data may be treated by the following groups of persons:

company management, who are responsible for and or in charge of data treatment and processing;

staff who deal with data treatment and processing;

hotel management, who are responsible for and or in charge of data treatment and processing;

administrative and accounting staff for Hotel Plaza structures in charge of data treatment and processing;

You personal data shall not be divulged without your explicit consent.

Rights provided for under article 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003.

To conclude please note that your rights as provided for by article 7 of the Data Protection Act including the right to obtain from us are:

a) source and origin of such data, purpose and method of treatment and processing, owner of such data and who is responsible for treating and processing such data, who can access or learn of such data;

b) confirmation the your personal data exists and what electronic systems are used for treating and processing your data;

c) cancellation including transformation of such data into an anonymous form or block of such data in the event of violation;

d) update, correct and modify existing personal data;

e) confirmation that operations described at points c) and d) have been made available to all those in possession of such personal data except for the cases as provided for by the Act;

f) the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, that your personal data is treated and processed for information collection purposes;

g) the right to oppose to, in any case, that your personal data is treated and processed with the purpose of sending advertising and or marketing material or direct sales, or market surveys.

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