For us quality does not only mean to manufacture good products and maintain constant excellence in manufacturing: the safety of all operators and a deep respect for the environment are an integral part of this concept.

With this in mind, Multichimica S.p.A. has developed a Quality Safety and Environment integrated management system that has been praised by the scientific and academic community, and has awakened the interest of prestigious companies.

Guidelines, procedures, operational instructions, and objectives are integrated in one unique management system.



Years ago Multichimica S.p.A. embarked on a journey of constant improvements in Quality based on the following principles:

• customer satisfaction
• quality and reliability of supplied products
• innovation
• continuous performance improvement

The management system is ISO 9001:2000 certified by the prestigious DNV firm.


The Environment

Multichimica is a company concerned with environmental issues and committed to employ strategies that can prevent pollution and greatly reduce the risks of environmental contamination.

Our company is the only one in the field that voluntarily allowed for a V.I.A. inspection (environmental impact inspection), which is a very complex scrutiny procedure that analyzes all possible environmental risks in order to develop strategies to minimize them.

Besides, the company has developed an Environmental Management System in full compliance with ISO 14001 norms.



To protect the safety and health of Multichimica S.p.A. employees, the company has developed a Safety Management system in compliance with norm OHSAS 18001, thus guaranteeing a safety level far beyond the requirements of current laws.


Technology and Facilities

In the past few years Multichimica has made consistent investments in technology.

Here are some of the main renovations and improvements:

• Double chamber tank system with continuous verification that leaks do not develop.
• An automated fire sprinkler system for all facilities throughout the plant.
• A patented solvent-evaporation plant.
• A new piping system to move fluids with over 10,000 meters of pipes laid.
• A closed circuit water collecting system that can prevent accidental leaks.
• A Sandoz vat to collect fire extinguishing waters.
• An electric plant with safety features incorporated.

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